Patent Applications

Below are links to published KM patent applications that are assigned to KM clients.

WO2019040380A1 Benzocarbonyl Compounds (Vivace Therapeutics)
WO2019040380A1 Benzosulfonyl Compounds (Vivace Therapeutics)
WO2018209132A1 Aminopyridine Compounds (Cortexyme)
WO2018204532A1 Non-Fused Tricyclic Compounds (Vivace Therapeutics)
WO2018053353A1 Ketone Inhibitors of Lysine Gingipain (Cortexyme)
WO2017223349A1 Antibacterial Agents (Achaogen)
WO2017147146A1 Prodrugs of Phenolic TRPV1 Agonists (Concentric Analgesics)
WO2017083433A1 Inhibitors of Arginine Gingipain (Cortexyme)
WO2017058716A1 Tricyclic Compounds (Vivace Therapeutics)
WO2016057413A2 Inhibitors of Lysine Gingipain (Cortexyme)
WO2014197612A1 Compositions and Methods for Conjugating Activatable Antibodies (CytomX)